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Desert Storm
August 22, 2010, 12:03 pm
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I’ve been waiting to present these photos in a really epic way, and yesterday it hit me to stop and just let the images shine on their own! They are again of my good friend and aspiring model, Rhianna Avery. Out of all of our shoots, this is our most favorite! We shot at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head, NC pretty much on a whim–Rhianna even made the dress! (She’s got skills, clearly). I am way too excited about the fact that we’re both heading to New York City next weekend – you know what that means…. more dazzling images on the way!


Summer Lovin’: An Ode to Rhianna
August 14, 2010, 8:08 am
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After years of devoted friendship, countless sister-like fights and perpetual fun, I present Summer Lovin’: An Ode to Rhianna! Today is my dear friend Rhianna’s birthday, so I wanted to honor her talents and congratulate her on a recent HUGE accomplishment by doing a fun post with photos we’ve taken this summer! As Rhianna moves on to her next career venture with a new modeling contract, I look back on how far we’ve come… Remember the name RHIANNA AVERY … cuz this girl’s about to blow up! Love you guh!

Lessons in Versatility: Ticora’s Multi-Faceted Photoshoot
March 15, 2010, 8:32 pm
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When Ticora started off our shoot at Duke Gardens with some fun photos of her and her puppy, I was excited to get some fun, happy shots. The light was perfect and everything just felt sunny and effortless. But when Ticora picked out her hair, she became a whole different person with a whole different look! I love the versatility of the shots that we got, which Ticora said were for just for herself to look back on. I think she can definitely look back and remember she was one hot tamale! Check them out!

Carnival Chic: Rhianna’s Fashion Shoot at Dowdy’s
December 27, 2009, 9:35 am
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The tiny old fun park “Dowdy’s” on the OBX has been gated up for the past few years. One day I drove by and saw all the amazing colors, textures and creepy carnival feel… Rhianna and I knew we had to sneak inside to take some fashion shots after seeing the rundown area in a new light. We worked together and planned the wardrobe, makeup and styling. I’m pretty proud of Rhianna– she can basically do it all! Since these photos were shot, Dowdy’s has since been partially demolished… good thing we got ’em when we did!

Make sure you check out the promo video, and remember you can always click on the photos for a larger view.

Upcoming Posts!
October 29, 2009, 1:56 am
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Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out my photo blog so far! I have a BUNCH of stuff coming up in the near future and tons of exciting posts are in the works! I am currently in the middle of editing some big weddings (which I can’t WAIT to post), so here is a sneak peak of what is in store : ) Make sure you check back soon for the extended posts!


Couples shoot for Marcus & Safira

Rhianna's Carnival Chic

Carnival-themed fashion shoot with Rhianna


Family shoot with Chrissy & her husband and daughter


Cover shoot for Bobbi Ruffin’s debut album


Chasity’s fabulous 25th birthday portrait session


Makeup by Anna for her web site, C-Thru My Eyes.

Golden Goddess: Makeup by Anna
October 19, 2009, 6:13 am
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annagoldengoddess copy

When Anna asked me to take some photos for her blog, C-THRU MY EYES, I was excited because her blog is such a fun site! Not only does she post makeup tips and tricks, but she breaks down looks and gets you to really notice what makes makeup great, and what makeup is not-so-great. Check her out; she updates regularly and always has something for everyone. Hopefully you will be seeing many collaborations between the two of us in the future.

This first look is a “Golden Goddess” makeup look modeled by Brittany! She really came out of her shell to release the wild inside her! Grr.

Rhianna Goes Glam
September 24, 2009, 7:10 pm
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Everyone, meet Rhianna! She is one of my best friends from home on the Outer Banks and as she likes to call herself– my “muse”! The truth is the two of us like to think we’re a dynamic duo, because we always have the most fun taking pictures together. Rhianna is beautiful, so it’s easy to take a good picture of her. This day I just came over to her house (we live about 4 minutes away from each other) and we did an impromptu photoshoot in her backyard. The light was what made it happen! It was… as Rhianna always likes to say — Glam! Do you like Ree’s black tanktop? She made it! More with me + Ree to come in the near future. If you have any ideas for a shoot, send them our way!